FALL FEST is an annual tradition at Silverman’s. Fall foliage sets the backdrop for colorful displays of “New England” squashes, gourds and Indian corn. Haybales and cornstalks provide a vivid backdrop for unusual photo opportunities.

Win a Free Pumpkin in OCTOBER!

Residents from the tri-state area have been coming to the farm for many years to win a free pumpkin! Before purchase, every customer may guess the weight of each pumpkin before being brought to the scale. If the guess is within 2 oz. either way, the pumpkin is free regardless of size. We give away thousands of free pumpkins each year!

Don’t Miss Our Famous Cereal Bowl For Kids!

Kids (and grownups too) love our giant cereal bowl, where they get to play, explore hay-bale tunnels, and make “corn angels.”

Each year the cereal bowl helps bring awareness to a worthy cause.  This year we are featuring Guide Dog Foundation The Guide Dog Foundation breeds, raises, and trains guide dogs for people who are blind or have low vision to enable them to live without boundaries.


Entrance to the cereal bowl is free.

Enjoy watching a short video of our farm and family activities as filmed by grandparents.com